Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Trick or Treating Safety Tips - by Little Spoons and Spice

  • Make sure child’s costume fits appropriately. Any loose or dragging parts put them at risk for injury.  Also, ensure that your child can still see if the costume covers their face or head.
  • Any child under the age of 12 should be supervised by an adult. And any older children should travel in a group or at least with a buddy.
  • Make sure you can see your child. Give them flashlights or glow sticks, wear bright clothing and even consider adding reflective tape to their costume.
  • Only go to houses you are familiar with and if they have their light on.
  • Avoid any house or street that is dark and not well lit.
  • Ensure your child understands that they do not enter any house unless it was planned ahead of time.
  • Obey the rules. Talk to your child ahead of time about the safety of using crosswalks, sidewalks and staying off of the street.  Be the role model and ensure you are following this as well.
  • Only trick or treat during the designated hours.
  • Parents should inspect all candy/food before eating. Every year there’s a scary new drug that’s a candy look-alike. Be wary. And if you’re unsure or if something seems unsafe, throw it away or contact local law enforcement.

TIP: For parents who aren’t fans of their children eating all that candy, here’s an idea…  Let them pick a few pieces and trade the rest in.  The child can either trade in the remainder of the candy for money, a fun family activity, or something you both agree upon that they might want.  It’s a new trend in the trick-or-treating world and a win-win for everyone… including the dentist!  Happy Haunting!

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