Our Top 15: Recommended Gifts for your Little Chefs

Christmas is rolling in faster than some of us can shop.  Black Friday is already behind us and I bet some of you already have everything bought and wrapped. If you are one of the brave, hats off to you.  I use to tackle the stores on Black Friday as well, but when our family grew, I cut back on the hustle and bustle. Now I get to stay in and cuddle with my kiddos by the fire.

For those of you (like me) that are still on the hunt for your little chef or chefs’ perfect gift, check out our top recommendations.

#15 – Good Enough to Eat: A Kid’s Guide to Food and Nutrition

Reading Level: 4-8 years old

Super cute and educational book with great illustrations

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#14 – LeapFrog Cooking Recipes On The Road Learning Game

Ages: 5-8 years old

I’m not much for video games, but this game is super cute!  I love the combo of math and cooking skills.

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#13 – Easy Bake Oven

Ages: 8+

As much as I think cooking with your kids is the best way to go, the Easy Bake oven gives your child more independence in the kitchen.  The Easy Bake oven was one of the reasons I fell in love with cooking back in the day 🙂

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#12 – The Disney Princess Cookbook

We bought Lily this cookbook for her first Christmas.  Yes, I know… she was only 9 months.  Let’s just say I was super eager to get her in the kitchen with me.  Around the age of 2 was when she fell in love with it.  She always had to have this cookbook out, even if we weren’t using it.  The cookbook images are attractive to kids and the recipes are simple and easy.

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#11 – MasterChef Junior Cookbook

Perfect for those kids that have fully embraced cooking and has started to be a little more independent in the kitchen.

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#10 – Colorful Cutting Play Food Set

Ages: 3+

Pretend food is a must-have.  This set takes it one step further into awesomeness!

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#9 – Stone Soup Board Game

Ages: 5+

A great twist on the original memory game!

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#8 – Vech Kidizoom Digital Camera (Blue or Pink)

Say Cheese!  This camera is perfect for kids who love stealing your phone to take pictures of their new kitchen creations.

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#7 – Scrabble – Cooking Edition

Ages: 8+

How amazing is this, the favorite Scrabble game but a cooking edition!! This is a gift the parents can enjoy too 🙂

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#6 – 30 piece Chef Caddy Collection

Age: 3 – 7

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Anyone that cooks with kids or are planning to start, this is a must-have.  Kids want to do everything we’re doing, so kid friendly tools are a must!


#5 – TruChef Kid Chef Set

Age: 8+

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#4 – Cooking Up Sentences! Board Game

Age: 7+

This game is educational, cooking based, and perfect for family game night!  Yes please!

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#3 – Crazy Chefs Board Game

Ages: 3-6

Love! Love! Love this game!  This is a must have for any child that enjoys cooking.

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#2 – Personalized Kid’s Chef Apron (variety colors)

Choose an apron that fits their personality.  If your child loves Spiderman, get him a spiderman apron.  You can get an apron in any style nowadays. I absolutely love these personalized apron… leaves no fighting on who’s apron is who 🙂

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#1 – Adjustable (and foldable) Kitchen Helper

This stand was put at number one for a reason, we LOVE ours!!  If you have little kids, this is a must-have.  Bryan actually made ours for Lily when she was 16 months old and we still use it on a weekly basis!

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  1. I love this blog, Stacey. So complete, especially identifying tasks that are appropriate by age level. Great recipes too. I too love watching the faces of children who are involved in creating some delicious to eat.

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