Kid Activity: New Year’s Eve Hourly Surprise

New years eve activity for the kids!

New Year’s Eve is such an exciting night, but what about the kids?  Most are tucked into bed before the excitement even begins.  Kids should have some fun too…before midnight!

This activity is sure to keep you and your little crew entertained, every hour, on the hour. When the clock strikes, watch the excitement begin!

I love that the activity can stop whenever you want.  I created a bag for every hour (9pm and later are empty tho…but don’t tell my kids). If your kids are older or they stay up, then you could fill all or more of bags.  Kids love the excitement of watching a countdown every hour.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Free printable template for New Year's Eve clock hourly activity


  1. Download our free printable template for the clocks. Print and cut out as many clocks as you plan to use.
  2. Draw each hour you plan to use on the clocks. We started at 5pm.
  3. Attach clocks to the center of each paper bag, using glue or tape.
  4. Fill the bags with games, toys, or any surprise you choose. Our kiddos are younger, so we choose: playdough, a few small games, little cars, and fresh apples.  Our kids love eating whole apples, but any fruit or healthy treat would do the trick.
  5. Fold the top 2 inches of the bag over and attach to string with tape or clothes pin. You could also set the bags out on a table or shelf to display each bag.  Now, let the fun begin.  And Happy New Year!
Fillers for inside the activity bags (playdough, games, cars, fruit)

Fillers for inside the activity bags

New years eve activity for kids


  1. The girls loved the New Year’s Eve hourly surprise! They counted down the time and were so excited to open the bags. Thanks for the great idea, it was fun for Mom and Dad as well!

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