Healthy Birthday Treat Ideas

Free Healthy Birthday Treat Ideas - by Little Spoons and Spice

A child’s birthday should be treated like a holiday.  They deserve to know that there’s a day dedicated just for them.  Our kids always get the red carpet treatment on their special day.  They pick the party theme, the menu, and of course the type of birthday treat they take to school/daycare.

Ever since they were itty bitty, I’ve guided the kids to choose a non-food birthday treat.  I guess I’m hoping to start a trend.  I’m okay with treats once in a while, but when your child has a class of 24 other kids, that’s a lot of cupcakes to eat!

By taking a healthy or non-food birthday treat, the kids get to celebrate a birthday without an unnecessary sugar rush (… I’m assuming teachers would be appreciative of this too).  Here’s a list to get you started.

Healthy Non-Food Birthday Treats

Keep in mind that you may want to stay away from anything that’s loud or disruptive, like noise makers, bouncy balls, or light up toys.

Healthy Food Birthday Treats

  • Fresh fruit
  • Raisins or other dried fruit
  • Unsweetened applesauce squeeze pouch
  • Fresh vegetables with dip
  • Individually wrapped string cheese
  • Whole grain fig bar
  • Mini bottle of water
  • Individually wrapped whole grain crackers
  • Plain popcorn, unsalted

If you do send a snack, keep in mind that there may be students with a nut allergy, or gluten-free needs.  Be sure to check with the teacher in advance.

Free Healthy Birthday Treat Ideas - by Little Spoons and Spice


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