Healthier School Valentine Alternatives

Healthier Valentine Alternatives - by Little Spoons and Spice

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means the stores are piled with candy and chocolate-filled valentines.  Even though your kids love candy and chocolate, it doesn’t mean we need to add to the sugar craze…honestly they will probably get enough at school.  This year, try to step outside the box and send a healthier valentine.  You know…it’s okay to send just a paper valentine.  When I was a kid, paper valentines were all we got. And I loved opening each and every one of them.

If you do want to include something with your child’s valentine, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Bubbles
    • “You’re Friendship BLOWS Me Away”
    • “I’m BLOWN away by you”
    • “You make my heart BUBBLE”
    • I’m BUBBLING with excitement that you’re my friend”
  • Stickers
    • “Let’s STICK together”
    • “I’m STUCK on you”
  • Fun Straw
    • “You’re EX-STRAW awesome”
  • Glow Stick
    • Star War’s themed “May the force be with you”
    • “You make my heart GLOW”
    • “You LIGHT up my life”
    • “You BRIGHTEN my day”
  • Toy car
    • “You make my heart RACE”
    • “I like how you ROLL”
  • Bouncy Ball
    • “You make my heart BOUNCE”
    • “Have a BALL this Valentine’s day”
  • Friendship bracelet
    • “Our class would KNOT be the same without you”
  • Pen
    • “I think you are just WRITE”’
    • “Hope you have a COLORFUL Valentine’s day”
    • “You are the WRITE kind of friend”
  • Orange
    • “ORANGE you glad we are friends”
    • “PEEL the love”
  • Apple
    • “You are the APPLE of my eye”
    • “I PICK you to be my valentine”
  • Unsweetened Applesauce Pouch
    • “You are my main SQUEEZE”
    • “You are AWESOME-SAUCE”
  • Raisins
    • “There are so many RAISINS you’re my friend”
    • “There’s no RAISIN not to be mine”

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