For the Love of Raspberries!

For the Love of Raspberries! by Little Spoons and Spice

Raspberries have been our new found favorite snack in the house.  But not just raspberries… FROZEN RASPBERRIES!  Kind of a strange snack to pick up during the colder months, but none the less, they’re tasty!!  They have a great crunch and who doesn’t love that sweet taste.  The trick is to eat them as soon as they come out of the freezer, if you wait 15 minutes, they get a little soft and it just doesn’t have the same effect.

For younger kids, you will likely want to break larger raspberries in half or quarters.  For most kids, raspberries are small enough or break apart easily, so choking is less of a concern.  But do take caution with the younger kiddos.

Our favorite raspberries were the ones we picked in our woods and froze last summer. When we ran out of those, we found that Walmart raspberries had the best price and taste (based on a home taste test of a few local stores and brands).  Other frozen raspberries were more expensive and the berries weren’t picked at their peak, so they weren’t as sweet.  Walmart’s raspberries are round $4 for a 24 ounce bag and are surprisingly sweet.  Judging by their color and taste, they were picked at their peak.  It was a fun little experiment we had, trying different raspberries and comparing their prices.

Aside from being super tasty, raspberries are great for you.  They’re loaded with antioxidants and nutrients your body needs.  So if your family is looking for a new snack or sweet treat, give frozen raspberries a try.

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