What’s this all about?

This blog was created for parents, families, and even teachers who want some ideas to improve child nutrition and get their kids involved in the kitchen.  Every child is unique in their own way and cooking with children can be difficult.  Our recipes include cooking modifications for different skill levels and kid tested and approved recipes.  You will also find great resources, fun educational tips and information just for special needs parents.  Best of all, my husband will be an occasional guest blogger, offering a dad’s perspective.


About Me and My Family

My name is Stacey and I am a mom to five amazing kids, two of whom have some special needs. Thankfully my best friend and husband is the perfect teammate in this wild adventure of life. Aside from being a great husband and daddy, he makes the perfect sous-chef.

About Stacey

I’m a Registered Dietitian. My professional experience includes nutritional coaching, clinical nutrition, school nutrition, and food service management. I’m passionate about child nutrition and love modifying and cooking nutritious recipes with my family.

To ensure a steady flow of fresh and local produce is available in our hometown, my husband, Bryan, and I founded and continue to manage the local farmers market. You will notice that some of the items we cook with are from there, like local honey. We are also quite blessed with bountiful supplies of seasonal produce from our garden, small orchard, and maple syrup from our sugar bush.

Starting young

As a child, I was surrounded by family that truly enjoyed cooking. My childhood kitchen exposure (and my easy bake oven!) is what refined the love that I have for cooking today.  I now enjoy modifying almost all of the recipes I find by adding a healthy twist to ensure that the kiddos are getting the best in every bite. There is nothing more special than cooking for your family.

My Kiddos (Dylan, Mason, Logan, Lily, Ava)


Each one of my little chefs brings their own unique personality to the kitchen.  My daughter, Lily, has been in the kitchen with me since she was about 16 months old.  My husband built a height-adjustable cooking stool so she could stand beside me in the kitchen.  Today, she shares the stool with her three brothers and in a couple years her sister Ava.

As for the boys, they started helping when they were about 2 years old.  Dylan, Logan and Mason are identical triplets, but probably the most different identical triplets you may ever meet.  They were born perfect and healthy, only spending a short time in NICU before coming home. About ten days later, they contracted a rare virus that would have taken their lives if not for the admission, intubation, and constant 24/7 care of the nurses and care team at our local hospital.  Mason survived the virus seemingly unscathed; however Dylan and Logan have some physical and cognitive developmental challenges.  Logan was the unluckiest, but is doing his best after the virus-caused brain injury led to left-sided Cerebral Palsy and Cortical Vision Impairment.  So when we’re in the kitchen a few minor modifications are made to accommodate everyone.

*If you’re interested in learning more about what our boys went through, check out the Weichelt Triplet page.

 With our family dynamics, the house is always hopping.  Cooking is one thing that really brings us together.  Whether it’s the actual cooking, harvesting the food from our garden, or going to the farmers market, we can do it as a team.

Lily’s 4th Birthday party – Minnie Mouse themed – March 2017

Family picture taken in February 2014 – one month after the boys were released from the hospital

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